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Art At Its Best

Artist Stephen Wiltshire draws a dope ass picture of the Manhattan skyline straight off the dome!!! He uses his photographic memory to create every picture. Hit up his web site, the dude has skills!!!!

Lil Wayne No Ceilings Mixtape

Check out Weezy’s new No Ceilings Mixtape!!! He’s back to his old self and basically killin every hot beat out  right now!!!


We just launched a new online store. This one actually works. Inventory RE-STOCK & Ocean Runner SNEAK PREVIEW!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!


Smooth and Smoothie

French designer Florent Degourc created a very creative bench and table combo called Smooth and Smoothie. Pretty dope!!!

Chris Brown – I Can Transform Ya feat Swizz Beatz & Lil Wayne

Good to see the homie Chris Brown back at it.

West Men Din

West Men Din got so much going on. It’s nice to go by there to check the scene. Cleaner version of Mong Kok. Been a while since i took the subway. Packed as usual but good traffic. Roaming the streets Street Tattoo Dropped by Remix headquarters. Eric Kenji San Nice custom kit I heard this [...]

Ulysse Nardin Rose Gold & Blue Cell Phone

Check out the new Rose Gold & Blue Ulysse Nardin cell phone!!! This is only one of like 15 different colorways but this is by far the illest one! Click the link up above to place an order for one and be aware that it will be going for a few thousand dollars if not [...]

Free Preview.

Burgers, Ice Cream, Money, Sex, Drugs, Freaky, Wild, Fun, Exciting, Tempting, $hit .  ARE YOU GREEDY?

Shout to the homie’s @ CAPITAL BRAND!!!! Ike Boogi we see you!  MoRe On tHi$ CrAzy $hIt iN a MiNuTe.  PERSONAMAGAZINE.NET


Greedy Genius in Taipei ! PRiMO is where it is ! Tweet

Wii Cyber Bike

It does work with Mario Cart which will make me happy but it won’t launch until after the holidays which has to be a mistake on the companies part, because this will have people sleepin outside of stores  lol!!!!